Thursday, 10 June 2010

Reframing makes more progress

There are times at the BusWorks, like with all restoration projects, when work appears to progress rapidly and we all smile with satisfaction, and other times when either jobs stall or visual progress (well, lack of!) gets us frustrated. RTW335 has suffered this over the last two weeks awaiting timber from our specialist joinery contractor after we overwhelmed them. Also, Andy Ashton (the lead coachbuilder on this project) has just had a well earned holiday.

Anyway, suffice to say more shaped timberwork is now arriving and Andy is once again progressing well with RTW335. See picture - ok not the most inspiring but every step brings RTW335 closer to the day it will come back to life.

We've also had good news that RTW467 may be up with us by the end of the month and we look forward to crawling all over it for the detail for RTW335. I found out from Nick Agnew (one of the owners of RTW467) that it carries the body originally on RTW335 - now there's a great coincidence!