Saturday, 24 March 2012

More visible progress

The last few weeks has seen some very rewarding tasks being achieved on RTW335 and this week has been no exception. The lower deck interior is looking more complete, the under canopy of the cab area is being reassembled whilst the mouldings on the exterior panels are also being refitted. There is still much to do, but step by step, RTW335 is coming back to life.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Focus on the front

The most recent week has seen work re-focus on the front end of RTW335. The front windscreen (still to be stripped and re-glazed) has been 'dry-fitted' in advance of other panelling being fabricated around it. Meanwhile, the under-canopy area has been rebuilt and the corroded steelwork that provides the aperture for the driver's side window to the half-cab.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fabricating the front dome

It was some months since we did some head-scratching on what to do with RTW335's front dome. It was badly dented, but copying the domes of other surviving RTWs was not really a practical option - because of the difficulty of mouldings and also imperfections in the domes would get replicated. The answer - attempt to create a new dome from a fibreglass example salvaged from an RML. In this picture, Jim Howard starts the process and is encouraged by the fit! Note the London General fleetname on the dome!

Monday, 5 March 2012

More specialist panels prepared

Whilst work on the exterior of RTW335 has visibly progressed by the fitting of the simple flat sheet panels, further work has been progressing on the more complex panelling ready for refitting. Again, parts of the RTW jigsaw but currently "work in progress" and not particularly photogenic. Below are a selection of panels, all previously stripped of paint but now prepared and treated awaiting their turn for reassembly.

Platform bulkhead rebuilt

Another area of RTW335 that has required major structural attention is the area around the rear platform bulkhead and nearside rear wheelarch. Despite the main steel frame being in generally good condition, this area had suffered severe corrosion. The bulkhead has been rebuilt and the steel framing completely replaced with new stress panelling also fitted - as seen in the picture below.

February - Progress Report

After several weeks of plenty of activity but no 'visible' achievement on RTW335, the jigsaw puzzle of parts being worked on are now ready for assembly on the vehicle. Following further rewiring work, the ceiling and interior roof cove panels are being refitted on both decks. Working down the bus, this has allowed the refitting of the rexine covered green & cream window cappings to be refitted - allowing the interior to start to come alive once more with the character of the London RT class. Meanwhile, on the exterior only specialist panels await fitting before the lengthy process of refitting new panel mouldings commences. The original rear flasher unit and registration plate unit has been restored, lamp holders replaced and refitted - another feature that is helping to bring the jigsaw of RTW335 back to life. Meanwhile, a prototype for new window pans will soon be ready for inspection off-site.