Friday, 14 May 2010

Lower deck floor out

Work on RTW335 is again making good progress this week. The lower deck floor has been stripped out for renewal revealing the chassis underneath which is in excellent condition.

This can be attributed to 335's history with Hywema Lifts in Germany - the bus was used to demonstrate the vehicle lifts to potential clients so keeping the underframe in good clean condition was important. The floor will be replaced next week.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Lower deck re-assembly

The gap in posting updates has been twofold - partly a brief diversion of the team working on RTW335 to other projects and partly because in bus restoration there are many jobs which are laborious, unglamouress and for which there are no great picture opportunities. This describes much of the tasks of recent weeks which has seen rewiring of the lower deck and fitting of some more complex shaped timbers between decks.

Anyway, to make amends here is a view of the lower deck now with ceiling panels and aluminium cove panels refitted.