Sunday, 16 December 2012

RTW goes mobile!

Another breakthrough this week with RTW335 - it is now fully mobile again! Excuse the poor quality mobile phone picture, but this week has seen the bus on our Hywemas in our servicing workshop. Although we got the engine running a few weeks ago, the fuel lines got blocked and so now the tanks have been completely drained removing some very dirty liquid. At the same time, the compressor belts have been changed and various air valves removed, stripped down & refitted to solve the lack of gears problem. The engine oil, that seemed to be 50% water, has also been completely drained and replaced and finally new filters fitted. Finally, RTW335 was dropped down off the Hywemas, started up and engaged gears - it is now mobile once again!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Let there be lights!

Rewiring of RTW335 is nearing completion and the view below shows the small & headlights glowing, as well as all interior and destination lights. Also this week, the first fibreglass mould for the opening window units was returned and trial fitted - and now further examples can be produced.
RTW335 ablaze with light following the completion of rewiring.
Meanwhile, the upper deck flooring is now almost complete and looks superb!