Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sorry for the delay....

One of the unfortunate problems with blogs - is that you are expected to keep them updated. I offer both the blog readers and RTW335's owners sincere apologies for the failing to do this over the summer & autumn months. I am sure many will be well aware that the BusWorks was affected by the effects of both the recession beginning to bite - and staff shortages resulting from previous recruits returning to Optare.

Anyway, back to RTW335. Following the resumption of work early in October, we are focussing on the reassembly of the upper deck interior. The restored aluminium window cappings are now being refitted and the new ceiling panels are back in - following a coat of Chiswick Cream - and likewise the aluminium cove panels with light fittings. Readers will recall that this follows the complete renewal of the roof timbers and aluminium panelling. The slatted timbers for the centre gangway are prepared, but await fitting - and the cork flooring for the areas underneath the seat frames are on hand.

Are biggest head scratching for the exterior - which impacts on the top deck - is the rubber gasket required for the new RT window pans. This is ongoing because neither the traditional RT rubber appears not to fit. We need to resolve this before finalising the fabrication of the non-standard front & rear window pans. Watch this space!

Finally, several specialist panels - carefully rescued when the bus was stripped down to its main frame - have been dipped to remove paint and will soon go away for respraying in two-pack London red prior to refitting.

Picture: Dave our coachpainter prepares the front interior roof dome for painting after returning from being dipped to remove previous layers of paint.