Thursday, 26 January 2012

Emergency exit - rebuilt

As reported in the last posting, the Emergency Exit framing was partly rotten and this has now been rebuilt by our specialist joinery contractors. It has now been returned to us and will allow the relevant parts to be refurbished and refitted.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Emergency - Exit!

Another example of one of the many restoration jobs that ends up being a time-consuming task. The Emergency exit framework was rebuilt last year before the rear dome was refitted but now it is time to tackle to exit door itself. The timber is partly rotten, a steel section is severely corroded and the whole door has had to be stripped for rebuilding. With the exception of the glazing, some of the component parts are visible in the picture below.

More pieces of the RTW jigsaw

Over the last month, more pieces of the RTW jigsaw have been progressed in preparation for a reassembly onslaught once some other significant BusWorks' projects are completed (including conversion of some Big Bus Olympian buses for export and a double deck Limo bus).

We have commissioned some cant-rail 'drip' moulding that was once such a feature of bus bodywork in the 40s/50s in particular at a cost of £2,758 - but as usual with these things, the minimum order is enough to do about 10 buses!

Other work has included the preparation of parts that we want to get sprayed in LT red before re-assembly, allowing some of those 'difficult' to get to areas to be treated with paint. This includes the engine bonnet and front panelling, some between deck corner panels, the cab door & battery box panel