Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Plenty of seats on top!

We have been busy fabricating the original style seat fixing brackets and this has allowed a trial refitting of the RTW seat frames. We have also made an interesting discovery - the seat backs from a Routemaster will (with a slight modification) fit RTW seat frames. RTW335 returned from Germany without seat frames, so the use of standard RM/RML backs will save having to fabricate from scratch.
Other progress includes removal of the front and rear domes - which are both badly dented and not fit for re-use. A local company will make new, using sister bus RTW467 as a template.
Fabrication of new window pans is in progress and the re-fitting of these will make a great visual appearance to RTW335's extensive restoration.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

All that should glisten

Not the most exciting of photographs, but one that illustrates one of the many tasks in bus restoration - one of the tasks that are taken forgranted. The photo is of the component parts of the wind-down half drop windows from RTW335. The units have been stripped down and separated from the glazing ready for re-chroming. Screws were seized, gears were seized or covered in years of solidified grease and rubber gaskets have perished - all need restoring to form their part of the many pixels that will become the fully restored picture of a London RTW.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

RTW467 at BusWorks too

As previously reported, RTW467 is currently at the BusWorks for some mechanical work and MoT submission - but also to have its seats completed retrimmed. We have taken the opportunity to take lots of detailed pictures of this vehicle to inform the detailed re-assembly of RTW335.