Saturday, 4 December 2010

Dome of discovery

Ok, I know exactly what you're thinking - one step forward, two steps backward. Why is the roof panelling now off?
Well, this week we removed the front roof dome off RTW335 - it is completely shot. This resulted in two discoveries. The first was that it wasn't one dome - it was two! The outer panel was battered but this was actually a replacement dome with the layer underneath even more battered. Our other discovery was rot in the timbers underneath the dome. The roof panels on the RTW are solid riveted and overlap. To remove the front dome, the first roof panel had to be disturbed and some soft (but not rotten) timber was discovered. In the interests of RTW335's long term conservation and undertaking a thorough restoration, it was therefore decided to repanel the entire roof and replace the timber inserts. The ceiling panels have been taken down - although these were only loose fitted. Other developments are the fabrication of new seat frame supporting brackets and the top securing bolts so characteristic of the London RT and RM classes. Whilst new timbers for the front between deck area are awaited, the back board for the destination box has been replaced with new bulb holders and new wiring.