Sunday, 18 November 2012

A window pan - at last!

After several false starts, not to mention the mileage travelled by some of the corroded RTW window pans around potential suppliers, I think we now have a template for RTW335. The window pans, which differ from standard RT pans because of the Leyland bodywork on RTWs, have proved to be a stumbling block in the restoration project. All the originals were fabricated in steel and were severely corroded. Several suppliers of replacement steel window pans have been attempted, but either the finished result has not been accurate enough or the small production run has meant that costs would be prohibitive.
As an alternative, my good friend Nigel Powton who is now managing the RTW restoration project, arranged for all the original RTW pans to be returned to Blackpool and from the assorted originals, a local fibreglass company has fabricated a standard non-opening window pan in fibreglass. This will be used to check the critical tolerances between glazing, rubber and the interior window cappings. If it fits - then we can go into production at last!