Sunday, 4 November 2012

RTW on the move

RTW335 being shunted into the operating depot on 19 October after vacating the original Busworks' site for the new facility. Apart from the window pans the exterior is essentially nearing completion - see text below for update on window pan fabrication.
We have recently vacated the Busworks' site at South Shore Business Park for an adjacent unit that forms part of our "Classic Bus North West" operating depot. RTW335 has been relocated here until the new workshop is ready to be commissioned during w/c 5 November and the view below shows it being shunted into the operating depot.
Meanwhile, work has continued on completing the upper deck interior restoration. Within the next week or so, the seat frames will be refitted, once the final batch of cork sheeting arrives and is laid down and varnished.
Varnished hardwood slats and cork sheeting in typical RT style - the cork sheet awaits a coat of varnish whilst the platformm will have rexine applied when the upper deck is complete the avoid any damage.
The rotten destination box has now been rebuilt and the front area is now ready for the application of brown rexine, to the same style as that already applied to the sides.
After several false starts in commissioning replacemment steel window pans to the unique RTW style (they are different to standard RT pans), we have local firm Surface Design in Bispham making up a copy non-opening window pan in fibreglass. The first example should be delivered mid-week and once we are happy with this, and the critical relationship between window pan lip and interior window capping for the glazing rubber, we can then get Surface Design to use the original mould to fabricate the pans for the opening window units, and all the bespoke pans for the upper deck front and rears, under canopy and rear platform.